Process management

Closely connected and with a global approach Purchasing and logistics at Bosch offer interesting challenges.

Good process management provides transparency and clarity in the design, management and continuous improvement of business processes. Process Excellence is a key goal of Bosch Logistics. The development of logistic processes along the entire supply chain is highly valued. Process management is focused in the areas of design, planning, procurement, (source), the production (make), and the distribution (deliver) logistics.

Planning logisticsensures integrated planning across all process areas from our customers to our suppliers.

Procurement logisticsensure that materials are ordered frequently from our supply partners and forwarded to our plants on time.

Configuring the material flows within the plants and providing the production and assembly lines with the right materials is the responsibility ofproduction logistics.

Distribution logisticsis responsible for keeping our promise to the customer regarding delivery performance, quality and cost. In terms of delivery performance, we ensure direct, on time delivery to the automotive manufacturers assembly line.

Warehousesensure continuous material availability and a good delivery performance, with reliable and cost effective handling.

Thetransport logisticsguarantee smooth and safe transport. Our goal is to keep costs and environmental pollution as low as possible.

Methods developed through process management are also actively applied in other working fields in the area Purchasing and Logistics.