Logistics Panama improves global ranking

Panama has risen five positions in a global ranking of logistics services published by the World Bank every two years.

The country went from 45th position in 2014 to 40th this year, ranking the highest in Latin America, ahead of Chile (46), Mexico (54) and Brazil (55). It is also is the fifth-ranked country in the category of medium-high incomes, behind South Africa (20), China (27), Malaysia (32) and Turkey (34).

The report was presented by Humberto Lpez, director for Central America of the World Bank, at the conference Panama City, beyond the Canal: the logistics as an engine of growth.

Lopez said that logistics is a sector that can help to Panama on the path of development, because the country can take advantage of its geographical conditions and the Canal to position itself as the logistics hub in the region.

Although he said that there are many countries planning to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the enlargement of the Canal, at the end, the channel is in Panama and this country is the main candidate to take advantage of it.

Panama improves ranking in logistics survey