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Third Party Logistics companies are growing faster than other supply chain organizations and Robocoms Supply Chain Software meets the needs of 3PL companies. Our 3PL software solutions were designed and developed from the ground up specifically for the complex demands of your customers.

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Next Generation ERP is designed for third party logistics and wholesale distribution

Full Accounting system with robust Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and General Ledger, working with multiple divisions, rolling up to a master set of financials

Order Management capabilities allow you to enter orders on the phone, on the Web or import orders via EDI

Customer web-accessible Order and Inventory status screens and reports

Account/Customer specific EDI data collection and Advance Shipping Notification (ASN)

Ability to import customer orders from customer systems

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with the expanded capability of tracking interactions with Partners (Suppliers, Carriers and others) in addition to Customers

e Commerce capability and interfaces are built righ in, opening up exciting new markets for 3PL companies!

Enhance revenue, improve communications, reduce operating costs and boost overall organizational efficiency

Multi-Account (Customer) and Multi-Warehouse capabilities

Ability to define customer specific operational processes and workflows

Configurable labels and forms that can be assigned to your products and/or customers

Consignee-specific rules for product freshness, labeling, EDI compliance and pallet building

Fully compatible with SSCC bar code standards for product, case and pallet tracking

Automated location selection and stock rotation removes the guesswork from the warehouse

Tracking of shelf life and useful life of products to limit spoilage

Product rotation options for perishable and date sensitive items

Lot control management throughout the warehouse

Extensive tracking of warehouse activity enabling audit and research capabilities

Billing engine that allows the creation of customer specific Invoicing and integration to your AR software or Robocoms Next Generation ERP System.

Real-Time visibility to your current revenue

Inventory accuracy and system-directed workflows boost productivity 10% to 15%

Add Robocoms Labor Management module to track individual employee performance against target times, or standard times, and raise productivity even higher

Optimizer module builds loads, shops carriers and modes and reduces freight costs

Centerline TMS designed for asset and non-asset based operations with a built in rating engine and connections to external rating tools

Mobile Dispatch for full visibility into outbound loads

Delivery Tracking using Android devices for real time proof of delivery and delivery updates

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