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For catering, takeout, commercial supermarket, fresh product, cake, flower and  other related sectors, SF provides an instant intra-city delivery service within 3 or 5 kilometers around the store.

The delivery service (30 minutes – 2 hours)  is provided based on industrial and customer demands. For specific transit time, delivery distance and rates, please consult intra-city couriers of SF.

The service is offered on a 7*24 basis. Surcharges will be collected or the service may be suspended in some areas during festivals such as Spring Festival.

The service is available in major 1st-tier and 2nd-tier cities inChinese  Mainland. For details, please dial 95338 or contact local couriers.

Efficiency guarantee:To satisfy frequent, instant and personalized delivery demands of customers, SF will complete the delivery within two hours.

Safety guarantee:When goods are verified to be damaged or lost during delivery, SF will compensate the merchant for the losses according to the standards stipulated in the agreement and the amount of compensation shall be no higher than the actual sales value of the goods.

Prices are agreed upon case by case based on time requirements of the customer, distance and shipment weight, and are charged per shipment.

Credit and pre-paid accounts are supported.

Consignments that can be picked up and delivered instantly by one person are acceptable.

Flammables, explosives, corrosives, toxic substances, radioactive substances and illegal articles are prohibited.

For further information, please dial 95338.