ETS Logistics

The road train comprises of a tractor vehicle and a semitrailer

Dimensions of the semitrailer are 13.6 x 2.45 x 2.7 m (dimensions may vary)

Maximum allowed load capacity 24 000 kg

Trucks with full and centre-axle trailers

The road train comprises of a tractor vehicle and a trailer, or two separate trailer sections

Common trailer lengths are 7.3 + 8.1 m (may vary)

The maximum allowed total length of both trailers is 15.65 m

Maximum allowed load capacity 24000 kg

A full trailer holds 38 Euro pallets or 30 UK pallets

A full trailer is most suitable for large-volume, lightweight „volume goods (pillows, bedcovers, wool, soft furniture). Also suitable for lightweight pallets

Jumbo trailer (mega trailer) trucks

The road train comprises of a tractor vehicle and a jumbo trailer

Dimensions of a jumbo trailer are 13.6 x 2.45 x 3 m (the 4 m long front end of the trailer is 2.6 m high)

Maximum allowed load capacity 24000 kg

The trailer holds up to 33 Euro pallets or 26 UK pallets, of which 23 Euro pallets or 18 UK pallets can be up to 3 m high

A tail-lift truck is equipped with a lifting mechanism for loading cargo onto the truck

Depending on the type of tail lift, its rated workload is ca 500-2000 kg

Dimensions of the cargo space are 7-9 x 2.45 x 2-2.5m (may vary greatly)

A tail-lift truck holds 18-20 Euro pallets or 14-16 UK pallets

Cargo can only be loaded from the back

Used mainly for distribution transport

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