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On-Demand Inventory and Warehouse Management Solutions

Creating a new 3PL value curve with SmartTurn

As a 3rd Party Logistics Provider (3PL), creating high customer service levels and maintaining a healthy profit margin depends on being able to maintain accurate and efficient inventory and warehousing practices. Profitable freight services also depend on your ability to conduct error-free, on-time shipment handling and information at the warehouse level.

To broaden your services to meet the needs of current and future customers, you need to implement and integrate information technologies. In this way you can create real-time visibility and transaction capabilities over the internet and develop collaborative relationships with your customers and their business partners.

As a small to medium sized 3PL you needinventory management softwarethat can meet or surpass that of your bigger competitors, but at a price point that lets you protect your capital.

The SmartTurnWMS systemis an end-to-end inventory and warehousing system that integrates purchasing, receiving, order fulfillment, and shipping. By streamlining these key business processes, warehouse managers, accounting and management have access to the same up-to-date inventory information. As a result, 3PLs can prevent shortfalls and automate re-ordering to proactively anticipate and fulfill customer demands.

The SmartTurn WMS system is designed from the ground up to allow 3PLs to rapidly implement a multi-customer system in single or multi-warehouse configurations. Because of this, our 3PL customers can immediately create a level of accuracy and visibility for their own customers beyond what most high end (and costly) systems that your bigger competitors might be running. As a 3PL, your customers look to you to provide a level of flexibility that supports innovation and changes in their business policies, especially if their business is affected by the Web.

As a service provider looking to apply professional management skills that have to be continuously developed and utilized, the Software-as-a-service (SaaS) approach is very attractive and fits your growth curve.SmartTurns web inventory managementmaintains the IT service level in the same manner that you promise your service to your customers.

Additionally, the SmartTurn team continuously maintains and improves the system capabilities behind the scenes, allowing you to make service improvements when you need to, as well as benefit from new features all the time. In this manner you can be flexible, agile and leverage technology to differentiate in your market at no extra cost.

Implementing the SmartTurn system is painless with built-in connectivity toQuickBooks. You also have the option to scale up to larger enterprise-class integrations to most ERP or CRM systems like SAP, NetSuite or Oracle, just in-case your customers or their business partners need real-time integration, or we help you grow a light speed and need to scale up.

Many of SmartTurns customers have moved from legacy, batch-mode or paper-based systems in a matter of weeks in a simple plan-configure-run process with a dedicated Customer Experience Manager at your side. Also, many of SmartTurns team members have worked at a customer warehouse or 3PL during the course of their careers and understand your issues and those of your customers intimately.

And because SmartTurn is a pay-as-you-go service, we have to prove ourselves to you every day just like you have to with your customers.

Affordable flat fee per warehouse mean a fast time-to-value

Designed to bring enterprise-classinventory controland warehouse management capabilities to small and medium-sized operators

Eliminates error-prone and duplicate paper based systems

Real-time global visibility and transaction history create predictable customer service levels

Advanced security policies ensure role based views and system access

Improved collaboration between 3PL-customer-trading partner foster process innovation

Improved warehouse metrics and reporting

Minimize safety stock and improve average order cycles

Integrate with your customers systems over the internet

IntegratedInventory Management(purchase orders, sales orders, valuation)

Multi-Customer, multi-warehouse and multi-user support

Unlimited virtual locations within one or more warehouses

Real-time transaction history with custom fields for accurate billing

SmartTurn Inventory Managers© allows unlimited combinations of pick-policies (LIFO, FIFO, LEFO, by customer, owner, warehouse, item, etc.) allowing manipulation and reporting the way you or your customers want on the fly.

Custom login and web views using 3PL branding with unlimited, configurable, role-based views

Data transfers through EDI, XML, flat files, excel spreadsheets, web services (SOAP)

Built-in QuickBooks 2008 and earlier integration

Optional on-demand Enterprise Application Integration module for major ERP solutions

Optional parcel manifest system (UPS, Fedex, USPS, DHL) with electronic scale integration

Windows CE/Windows Mobile for Handheld operation

Lot number,serial number, license plate tracking on all transactions

Full enterprise-class systems and hosting network (Powered by Oracle, IBM Powered On Demand Application, published web services to support integration) for high availability, reliability, scalability

Powerful rules-based error-handling to ensure integrity of inventory data to allow compliance auditing

Included best practices training Selling logistics services with technology

Jim Burleighspeaks about linking the 3PL Supply Chain for a Competitive Advantage.