Logistics Capital

The Logistics Services sector has seen extraordinary growth over the past 20 years, and shows no signs of slowing.  While the names and types of logistics services providers are numerous, most share certain basic characteristics: they purchase capacity on behalf of shippers and have limited fixed assets.  These characteristics provide an economic model distinct from asset-heavy transportation providers, which come with their own set of advantages and challenges relative to traditional transportation.  LogCapStrat brings a multi-dimensional perspective to the sector with a clear understanding of the intermediarys role in a supply chain and how they compete.  We also have a deep understanding their suppliers transportation providers and customers, and can provide insight on their needs and the economics behind how they make decisions.  Our experience in working with Logistics Services providers over the past 20 years is augmented by a group of principal advisors with deep experience in the sector.

Developed growth strategy for leading LTL brokerage company

Market Sizing, Competitor Benchmarking and Customer Targeting project for leading freight forwarder for US-Mexico Transborder market

Executed market study for leading multi-national air and sea freight forwarder

Performed extensive due diligence on a major WMS operator

Provided strategic due-diligence on airport ground handling target for private equity firm

Provided financial and strategic due-diligence on leading global air and sea freight forwarder for private equity firm

Provided Strategic due diligence for large private equity client on top 10, multi-national freight forwarder

Advised large creditor to a large transportation company with several Logistics Services business units

Advised large European creditor on proposed merger between two european logistics firms

Acted as buyside advisor for automotive logistics company in purchase of a large company

Sold distressed time definite logistics company to private equity investor

Acted as buyside advisor for diversified global transportation firm in purchase of deconsolidation and forwarding company

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