Supply Chain Mapping

the operational, social, and environmental risks every step of the way

Sourcemap Inc.Find out who supplies your suppliersSourcemap provides a unique cascading supplier survey system to quickly and verifiably trace products to the raw material origin.>


The platform is completely automated, from data collection to verification and reporting.

Find out where you are sole-sourcing, and where you are working with intermediaries. Map inventory and risk.

Ensure your customers that the product they buy is authentically sourced using best-in-class practices.

Mapping your extended supply chain is the only way to ensure that you are meeting your customers and your colleagues standards.

The supply chain visualization experts

Sourcemap uses proprietary database technology and visualization algorithms to model any supply chain, any industry, any complexity, from the unit level to the company level, in an intuitive and beautiful interface.

We natively import data from SAP, Oracle, PLM through a custom API designed to automatically model the end-to-end network structure

Our advanced graph database links companies and sites, parts and processes, purchase and unlimited documents and reports

Our visualization algorithm overlays key performance metrics and supports elastic search by any uploaded tag, search term, and pivot table attribute

Board room-ready visualizations ideal for slide presentations, available for anyone across the enterprise to use in-platform, and suitable for printed reports

Track transactions in the field and monitor for exceptions against certified production and transformation volumes

Monitor social and environmental impact indicators and evaluate progress over time

Empower field managers to validate and verify all incoming data through advanced meta-data capture

Measure and report on progress against pre-defined targets and key performance indicators

Monitor risk at every node, every link, end-to-end

Sourcemap started with a research project at MIT to automate supply chain risk analysis by combining real-time visualization of supply chains with risk exposure, risk probability heat maps and real-time alerts.

Easily and quickly identify dependencies between suppliers, sites, products and services

Automatically measure the impact of failure from any node or link in the chain on overall revenue

See the probability of disruptions from real-time events or long-term trends

Receive instant SMS and email reports on risks and their impacts on the overall supply chain