Storage and Logistics Processing

At our warehouses and logistics centers all over Japan, our data system ensures seamless service for everything from incoming and outgoing freight handling to storage (inventory control) and logistics processing.

Features of Storage and Logistics Processing

The MLP system (our third-party logistics data system) provides centralized information management on incoming and outgoing cargo, storage conditions, etc.

We provide logistics processing-inspection, label attaching, dividing into small lots, assembly of semi-finished products, etc.-meeting our customers needs

We suggest ideas for efficiently operating logistics centers and stock point warehouses, to help optimize warehouse operations.

We recommend this service to the following customers:

Customers wishing to carry out centralized information management for storage and logistics processing at their various logistics centers

Customers wishing to outsource fluctuating logistics processing such as inspection, assembly, etc.

Customers wishing to operate their logistics center efficiently and optimize their supply chain

Our comprehensive logistics centers offer not only storage but also logistics processing and cargo delivery throughout Japan. We have temperature-controlled warehouses, bonded warehouses and warehouses for hazardous goods. Our warehouses are also equipped with filling machines, overhead cranes and other machinery to handle the specific characteristics of your cargo, providing total support for your logistics needs.

Here are some examples of logistics processing-inspection, label attaching, dividing into small lots, assembly of semi-finished products, etc.-to meet our customers needs.

We handle just-in-time delivery, repacking and spot checks of automotive parts.

To deal with the special characteristics of apparel merchandise, our system for handling apparel is linked to various types of material handling equipment consisting of modules for handling each logistics process (product inspection, checking for stray pins, shelving, picking, sorting, label printing and issuing, tagging, form issuing and processing, packing, etc.), ensuring quality logistics for apparel.

We perform the entire range of on-site logistics operations-receiving parts from the factory to unpacking, inspecting, storing, picking, supplying the production line, etc.-on behalf of our customers. To meet just-in-time requirements for supplying parts to a production line, we put kits together (gather pre-assembly parts) by exchanging special racks holding the parts.