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IHI is a manufacturer of materials handling equipment and logistics systems that help improve the efficiency of logistics processes, including storage, transportation, sorting, and picking.

IHI pursues lower cost and higher reliability in materials handling/logistics equipment with the aim of reducing the total cost of logistics, taking advantage of our accumulated expertise as a manufacturer in this field. IHI, by utilizing a wide range of technical resources including storage, transportation, sorting, and picking, provides the materials handling/logistics equipment under the concept of Customer-driven Optimization.

IHI provides material handlings / logistics equipment best suited to items handled and to the required environment. Our product lineup includes unit load high-riseAS/RS(Automated Storage/Retrieval System)for normal environments,AS/RS(Automated Storage/Retrieval System)for freezers available for super low temperatures down to -60C,AS/RS(Automated Storage/Retrieval System)for dangerous objects, andMobile rackthat allow the effective use of isles. These types of equipment and systems help enhance the efficiency of storage, streamline storage/retrieval operations, increase the accuracy of inventory control, and solve other storage problems.

IHI offers various kinds of materials handling / logistics equipment, including laser guided, and magnetic guidedAutomated guided vehicles (AGVs)and overhead traveling wire guided unmanned vehicles. Central Conveyor Co., Ltd., an IHI group company, designs and manufactures conveyors and materials handling equipment such as roller conveyors, providing solutions that reduce the total cost of transportation.

IHI offers materials handling / logistics equipment that helps enhance the efficiency of sorting and picking operations, including digital picking systems, picking carts, and high-speed slide shoe sorter systems. We provide total solutions to meet different requirements, such as handling small, highly varied lots, frequent needs, and peak times so as to realize low-cost operations.

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)was developed based on our experience as a materials handling / logistics equipment manufacturer. Integrated management of people and materials handling / logistics equipment with information technology allows our customers to both cut costs and improve quality at the same time, which is highly appreciated as a key to maximizing the capability of their materials handling / logistics equipment.

IHI offers logistics solutions under the concept of Customer-driven Optimization, taking advantage of our profound experience in various fields, including logistics equipment centers and warehouses.

IHI has carefully studied various fields from the perspective of total systemization, including traffic lines for people and cargo cars, material handling. To make maximum use of logistics in storage, transportation, or sorting/picking, we propose that our customers design or construct a logistic system, logistics center, and warehouse.

IHI offers logistic solutions that meet our customers requirements for specific objects to be handled or special environments, including storage/transportation systems for cleanrooms required to produce LCD panels andAS/RS(Automated Storage/Retrieval System)for heavy objects over 5 tons or even 10 tons (roll-type objects and dies).

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