I Want to Work In Transport and Logistics

INVOLVES: Managing all the processes that make up the supply chain from the raw material to where the end product is used – providing the right product, in the right quantity, at the right time. Coordinating the supply, distribution & storage of goods. Managing transport & distribution centres including drivers & warehouse staff. Using complex computer systems to control the flow of goods & to gather information. Managing inventories. Handling materials.

EMPLOYERS: retailers (e.g. Tesco), manufacturing companies e.g. (Ford), the Armed forces, Specialist logistics companies.

RELATED JOBS: purchasing manager, transport manager, production manager, systems analyst

SATISFACTIONS: Using a logical approach to solve business problems. Using organisational & planning skills to develop an efficient business. Very much like running your own business – you have total responsibility for your operation.

NEGATIVES: Long hours. Mobility may be required. Lots of pressure.

SKILLS: written communication, analysing, organising, computing.

ADVANCEMENT: May start as a transport or warehouse manager after training. Can progress to depot or regional manager. Can also move into computer systems development.

DEGREE: Any degree subject. Business Studies is useful.

VACANCY SOURCES: Careers Service vacancy database. Logistics Focus.

TIPS: Apply to graduate training schemes with larger companies using Careers Service directories.

plans schedules and routes of drivers in passenger transport, road haulage, distribution and logistics. Works out most economical method of completing journeys. Makes sure operations comply with regulations on environmental laws, hours of drivers, safety of vehicles, food hygiene and customs requirements.

EMPLOYERS: logistics and distribution companies, bus and coach companies, parcel delivery firms, manufacturers and retail chains, contract fleets

SATISFACTIONS: not entirely office-based.

NEGATIVES: may involve shift work and work in bad weather.

SKILLS: organising, planning, decision-making, communication, computing, numeracy, flexibility, practical.

DEGREE: any degree subject. Transport, logistics, business helpful. Can do a postgraduate degree in this subject.

TIPS: Apply for graduate training schemes in final year. Can move into management from warehouse, clerical or driving jobs.

Real announcements that London Tube train drivers have made to their passengers …

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