Reverse logistics and closed-loop supply chain A comprehensive review to explore the future

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European Journal of Operational Research

Reverse logistics and closed-loop supply chain: A comprehensive review to explore the future

Reviewed 382 scientific papers on reverse logistics and closed loop supply chain.

Content analysis is employed to ensure the scientific rigor of this review.

Gaps of related research is identified and future research opportunities are identified.

Based on environmental, legal, social, and economic factors, reverse logistics and closed-loop supply chain issues have attracted attention among both academia and practitioners. This attention is evident by the vast number of publications in scientific journals which have been published in recent years. Hence, a comprehensive literature review of recent and state-of-the-art papers is vital to draw a framework of the past, and to shed light on future directions. The aim of this paper is to review recently published papers in reverse logistic and closed-loop supply chain in scientific journals. A total of 382 papers published between January 2007 and March 2013 are selected and reviewed. The papers are then analyzed and categorized to construct a useful foundation of past research. Finally, gaps in the literature are identified to clarify and to suggest future research opportunities.

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