What is the process flow in Logistics execution?

What is the process flow in Logistics execution?

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In Simple terms Logistics Execution is an interface between

Goods Receipt and Goods Issue. All the intermediate (like

POInbound DeliveryPGR & SOOutbound DeliveryPGI)

processes between PGR & PGI are carried out using Logistics

the logistic execution starts from truck indenting during

thr process before PGI (in SD) and the arrival of the truck

actual batches are selected and are put in the truck.

depending upon the PGI Quantity no. of trucks are indented

through transport master. after this all statuary documents

like exice challan , invoice /ARE1/ARE3 are captured in the

system and a service entry sheet is filled and then the

indent is saved after the truck leaves the prmises. this is

a standard SAP Procedure which is very wek in design and

therefore very few companies go with it and other are

totally developed as per the clients requirement

In logistics execution what happens Once tthe delivery

order confirmation is procured from the client . We do

shipmment using vt01 fallowed by PGI and create a Transfer

order for the goods ( tor) using lt01

The process is we send a mail confirmation to the wm and le

team for moment of goods based on wich we decide the

mode of transportation but before that we need to do the

Once the mode of transportation is decided we go in for

routing where we need to decide on 3 parameters

and wght confirmation of the materail


which is where we need to pick the confimred unit for

transport through the conceopts of doors and and

rnessecary documets like SALOES OR PURCHASE ORDER; FORM 31 ;

CHALLAN ; APPOROVVAL and the goods move from the location




Logistic execution can be divided into 3 parts.

If warehouse implemented, so material will be physically stored in ware house and Ware house will be treted as different storegage unit, bin ,type.

Outbound delivery creation,material picking and packing and PGI covered in Shipping.

The process flow logistics execution is configure deliveries, transportation, routes, and determination as well as packaging. This chapter deals with copy control, picking, simple warehouse management processes, and special stock.

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