Ranks Logistics LLC

Ranks Logistics LLC began operations from Dubai in the year 2004, offering air freight, sea freight (FCL & LCL), road freight, cargo consolidation, project cargo and warehousing services on a global scale with a focus on the Middle East. Built around a core team of professionals with diverse experience in each field of logistics, we manage a global spread of operations from our central office in Dubai, offering premium contract logistics, warehousing, distribution, transportation and delivery in time of a diverse range of products. With a sizeable number of global clients, we have attained decent volumes in sea and air shipments to various destinations around the world.

Dubai is a global shipping hub with world leading shipping lines and airlines having their transshipment facilities here. Advantageously located in this strategically important hub and with a global reach, we offer excellent, flawlessly executed, military precision logistics services for inbound as well as for outbound goods. We offer the same smoothly integrated service extends to air cargo services and road freight.

Customers from Far East Europe and the Americas wishing to redistribute or reship to destinations in the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia, will find our warehousing, distribution as well as re-shipment logistics services tailored to their needs the perfect fit. Manufacturers and exporters operating in the Middle East benefit by our outbound logistics service that covers everything from warehousing to packing, crating, containerization, handling all related documentation and selection of the right shipping line or cargo airline for timely and safe deliveries of precious cargo.

Our combined years of experience in various branches of logistics are refined into highly bespoke services that will complement your business plans in this region.

Our staff is trained and has wide ranging experience as well as in-depth knowledge of each facet of logistics. Our vision and mission is to bring our experience as well as our wisdom of years to the benefit of each client. We aim to be instrumental in their growth and prosperity through a finely blended mix of supply chain management, inventory management, warehousing and transportation services, planned and executed with precision. With our finger on the pulse of logistics in Dubai, we know instinctively and through experience the right service provider, shipping line, cargo airline operator and freight service provider to select for each client and his chosen region of operations. Logistics, at Ranks, is redefined into fine art tech that keeps evolving and mutating into higher levels of service.