Reverse Logistics Association Trade Show

Reverse Logistics Association Trade Show

byLaura StockhausenMar 26, 20131 minuteinEventsService ManagementtaggedReverse Logistics Association Trade Show

This reverse logistics post reflects on our recent visit to the Reverse Logistics Association trade show in Las Vegas.

Thank you to those of you who visited us atReverse Logistics Associations10th Annual Conference and Expo. Our goal at the show was to meet todays key service management leaders and that is what we did!

A common topic among leaders was replacing their existing homegrown software due to additional product lines and growth. We also met several leaders who described their service organization as extremely labor intensive due to the vast amount of manual processes involved.

Regardless of whether organizations are using a manual process or an inefficient software solution, with todays aggressive competition, organizations are trying to stay on top. We heard over and over again that organizations are trying to get a handle on planning and forecasting which will positively affect customer service with the end goal of reducing costs. Additionally, leaders talked about how hungry they are to create benchmarks and use software to track KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to reach their goals.

While at the Reverse Logistics Expo, I was reminded of how beneficial it is to have Service Management leaders physically together in one room to brainstorm and share best practices. Listening to speakers from Dell, UPS, Zappos and other industry leaders only enhanced those discussions. We look forward to the next show to continue to share how our Reverse Logistics software can meet organizations key requirements.

We hope you enjoyed Las Vegas and the Expo as much as we did! Read more about reverse logisticshereor to speak with a sales rep please feel free to schedule ademo.

Laura Stockhausen is Director of Marketing Communications for IFS North America. She has over 15 years of experience in marketing technology solutions. Previously, Laura worked as the Vice President of Operations at the Frantz Group. She holds a bachelors degree

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