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Measuring and Managing CO2 Emisions of European Chemical Transport

The report Measuring and managing CO2 emissions of European chemical transport, commissioned by Cefic, represents the first step in understanding how chemical companies can assess and improve their operations. It will assist companies in the evaluation and management of their transport carbon emissions.

Industrys commitment to sustainable logistics

This report, prepared by Prof Alan McKinnon (Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh) reviews a range of existing approaches and methods for measuring transport CO2 emissions and looks at lessons that can be learned from other industry sectors. Based on this review and taking into account the specific characteristics of chemical supply chains, Prof McKinnon proposes a set of recommended average transport emission factors for the different modes of transport and intermodal combinations. In commissioning this work, the chemical industry is taking a proactive role as part of its continuing commitment to safe, efficient and sustainable logistics.

In the second part the report examines possible decarbonisation measures for chemical transport operations within a green logistics framework. Five key parameters: modal split, supply chain structure, vehicle utilisation, energy efficency and carbon intensity of the energy source. Opportunities for altering each of these parameters are assessed, as well as the possible challenges that need to be overcome to achieve this. Consideration is also given to the cost-effectiveness of these decarbonisation measures.

Download the report Measuring and managing CO2 emissions of European chemical transport

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