10 Examples of Green Logistics

is the process of minimizing damage to the environment due to thelogisticsoperations of an organization. Logistics includes transportation and resource intensive processes such asprocurementinventory management, warehousing, order fulfillment anddistribution. It also includes processes such asreverse logisticsand disposal logistics that concernreuse, recycling and waste disposal. The following are common examples of green logistics.

Minimizing the emissions and energy consumption of transportation. For example, a telecom company that moves to electric vehicles forfield service.

Reusesuch as a process of reusing durable packaging in your supply chain.

Reducing waste to improve operationalefficiency. For example, an ecommerce company that fits each order into a reasonable size of box without wasted space.

Designing things to be easier to transport. For example, furniture that requires minor assembly but fits into an efficient standard size box.

Reducing transport by doing things closer to the customer. For example, local sourcing of parts.

Sourcing from environmental responsible partners and implementing controls and audits to continually validate their environmental practices.

Reselling, refurbishing, remanufacturing, reusing and recycling items that are returned by the customer.

Preventing returns with techniques such as digital tools to make sure clothing fits the customer before shipping it.

Working to improvequality of lifein the communities where you operate. For example, improving the safety of transport.

The principle that business processes dont release anything into the environment that couldnt be safely consumed by an organism. For example, a hydrogen powered vehicle that emits water as a waste product. Related to the idea of acircular economy.

The process of minimizing damage to the environment due tologistics.

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